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Kicking Goals to get ahead!

"If you do not have clear goals for your life, you may spend the next 30 years working for those who do."

By having goals, you can achieve so much more than not having any goals. Goals give you direction, purpose and something to strive towards. Goals can be personal and also professional and you can benefit by having both. People with goals are more successful, happier and lead a more fulfilled life. READ MORE

What Our Clients Think.... "A couple of years ago we were looking at changing mortgage companies for our home loan. A friend recommended Lara. Lara is a professional, thorough and friendly advisor who was able to present us with a number of alternatives and easy to understand comparisons of each option. She spent time with us asking questions and going through our details. The switch to a new mortgage provider was smooth. In addition, for years I had managed to put off getting to know and understand my superannuation plan. I had no idea how to analyse the intricacies of the plan and determine if it was appropriate for me. I rang Lara. Lara presented me with a number of options that would suit my circumstance. She also clearly explained all the details around insurances I should be considering."Johanne Doherty