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Kicking Goals to get ahead!

"If you do not have clear goals for your life, you may spend the next 30 years working for those who do."

By having goals, you can achieve so much more than not having any goals. Goals give you direction, purpose and something to strive towards. Goals can be personal and also professional and you can benefit by having both. People with goals are more successful, happier and lead a more fulfilled life.

Here are a few tips on goal setting which can help anyone get a headstart to their future.

  1. Keep them limited – Research shows that you can’t focus on too many goals at any one time, so limit your goals to about 5 – 7 so that you stay focussed.
  2. Make SMART Goals – this is an acronym which means:
    • Specific – be very clear on what you want to achieve. Eg. I want to be able to run 10km rather than I want to get fit!
    • Measureable – you need to be able to track how you are progressing towards your goal. You might start with 1km in the first week and then increase it to 2km in the second week and so on.
    • Actionable – Give your goal an “action” verb like quit, run, finish rather than a to-be-verb like am, be, have.
    • Realistic – Try to have goals that will stretch you that bit further but not too far outside your comfort zone. They should be achievable whilst pushing you.
    • Time-bound – Put a date to it. When do you want to achieve your goal by? A goal without a date is just a dream. The time frame shouldn’t be too long either.
  3. Write them down – This is crucial. By writing it down you are actually stating your intention and you are more committed to your goal. Having pictures can also help.
  4. Review – This is just as important as writing them down. By reviewing, it keeps your goal top of mind and actually turns them into reality. Review daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly depending on what your time frame is. Some people put their goals where they can see them everyday, eg on the fridge, in the diary, poster at work.
  5. Share – Share your goals with people who will support you in achieving your goals, don’t share them with the whole world as you may be less likely to make them happen. Be selective.

What goals do you have?? Can I help you achieve any of your goals?? Please let me know if you have any financial goals that you have been putting off for a long time and are unsure how to start making in-roads to achieving them.

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